The Costa Marques Mine was been in operation during a very short period of time at 1980, during this period the exploration was very hard, and the lack of infrastructure and the harshness of the conditions, culminated to the mine been shut down. ts uniqueness at that time hasn’t been study and appreciated. 

Once the mine was rediscovery in 2016, what has start as a hobby and out of curiosity, grow as a familiar mine, stones that haven’t been seen before were discovery, since the beginning the big variety of stones was astonishing and exceptional, reaching more then 20 types and varieties of amethyst, from clusters to points, combinations e variations of colors. 

The current exploration, it’s possible after the rain seasons, which makes the extraction possible only during 5 months of the year.

The mine still surprises us and we keep finding new crystals.

Sustainable Extraction

Commitment of the Costa Marques Mining

 Due to the
area being concentrated in a small are for extraction of the amethyst, the
environmental impact is relatively low and it was mitigated.

Even so, we
carefully monitor the material remaining from the exploration.

The mine
and the exploration follow all the necessary requirements, that are design in
order to make the minimum impact possible in the environment, and all the
procedures have been done according to the law.

All the
projects and activities in the mine have been approved since the beginning of
the exploration, following all the necessary requirements.


Costa Marques mine has a commitment to society to act within the strictest quality standards, thinking about the good of the planet, mitigating the environmental impact of our activities and respecting, without reservations, all national and international laws. In this way, we guarantee our customers a product with excellent origin and within the highest quality standards.

Costa Marques mine values socially just and ecologically correct actions. Therefore, our work is regulated and supported by all competent bodies and agencies. In addition, we focus on teamwork, aiming at the well-being and safety of everyone. We are committed to our employees, the local community and the environment. Thus, we write our history uniting high levels of excellence with socially and ecologically sustainable development.


Costa Marques mine has projects in progress to recover the exploited areas, in addition, we carried out several environmental actions, the main one being the reforestation of the surrounding area and adjacent open areas inside the property where the mine is located.



Offering exclusive and quality amethyst gemstones to the market, ensuring continued supply and constant technological improvement to better serve our customers.


To be a reference in the amethyst market not only for the quality and beauty of our stones but also for the suitability and ethical approach of our company.


Our management is based on the tripod: Ethics, Quality and Sustainability.